Thanks for taking a look at my work samples! I will make updates from time to time whenever I complete an interesting project that I can share here. Many projects, such as messaging and positioning documents or competitive sales tools, are under strict non-disclosure. I can’t publish them here, but will gladly discuss them with you.

If you would like to talk to me about projects, please get in touch through the mail: chrislemoine [at sign] seanet dot com.

BIA_Certification_Global – Business Article

City of Redmond – Case Study

Computer Data Source – Case Study

Enhance Technology – Technical Case Study

ERP Solutions Guide – Supply Chain Visibility

ERP Solutions Guide – Supply Chain Accuracy

ERP Solutions Guide – Supply Chain Productivity

Fine Solutions – Partner Marketing

headON Communication – Case Study

HHS – White Paper

IPSA Security Software – Presentation

Magma Design Automation – Case Study

Nalco Company – Case Study

Ploenes GmbH – Case Study

Seagate Business – Solutions Guide

STXBarracudaES Infortrend – Reference Guide

STX SBS Channel – Fact Sheet

STX MomentusPSD – White Paper

STX Notebook RAID – White Paper

Tagetik – Web Page

Thought Leadership Article – Global Intelligence and Federal Defense

Thought Leadership Article – Media and Entertainment Industry

Thought Leadership Article – Technology Industry

TNS Quirks – Magazine Article

VOX VERITAS 3.2 Summer 2000 – Magazine

VOX VERITAS 4.3 – Magazine

WCI Green Marketing – Presentation

WCI Green Marketing – White Paper

Working with Difficult People – Presentation

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