About Chris Lemoine

Nice to see you here! Since late 1985, I live in Seattle, Washington, United States. Before that, I lived and traveled in Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and India. I was born in Cologne, Germany. Like most young people, I was restless. I left the country as soon as I could. At that time, London was the coolest place to be in the whole world, so that’s where I went. Today, I still like packing up and traveling away from the usual surroundings. But I also enjoy my life with Evelyn and our great neighbors, friends, and cats here in the Seattle Central District, where we’ve been since 2000.

I usually earn my living as a marketing writer, content strategist, and account manager, working for clients in interesting, innovative companies, most often providers of technologies. I have worked through agencies and also as an employee in such organizations. I have an endless fascination for words, languages, and grammars, and like to keep up with news and cultures in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. In this blog, I will share ideas and experiences related to good and bad writing, content development, communications, languages, sustainability, travels, and topics that I believe are worth thinking about.

Read more about my work on my website, VisionStoryContent. If you want to see pictures from trips, visit Imagerie Lemoine. You can also find my profile on LinkedIn. Feel free to connect, especially if you’re thinking about sending me work. If you would like to send mail, please use chrislemoine [at sign] seanet dot com.

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