About Chris Lemoine

Nice to see you! Since late 1985, I live in Seattle, Washington, United States. Before that, I lived and traveled in Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and India. I was born in Cologne, Germany. I was restless and left the country as soon as I could. At that time, London was the coolest place to be in the whole world, so that’s where I went. I still think people shouldn’t settle down until they’re maybe, oh who knows, thirty-five, if they have a chance to explore the world and live, work, and travel in different places.

I earn my living as a writer, working for clients and meeting interesting people in fascinating companies. I have an endless fascination for words, languages, and how they work and change, and speak a handful of languages well enough to ask questions. In the blog on this site, I share ideas and experiences related to writing, music, travel, language, and whatever else I find interesting. I also write science fiction novellas that, for now, are electronic downloads on Amazon, where you can find them all listed on my author page.

If you want to see pictures from trips, visit Imagerie Lemoine. You can also find my profile on LinkedIn, and I’m still on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to connect, especially if you’re thinking about sending me work. If you would like to send mail, please use chrislemoine [at sign] fastmail dot com.

3 responses to “About Chris Lemoine

  1. Hi Chris,

    did you happen to go to a Cologne Klettenber basic school? Just wondering, as I, like you juggle words as a copywriter and translator, travelled a lot and speak Dutch, French, some Englisch and (still) Kölsch.

    Curious Greetings, Wolfgang Linneweber.

    • Hey, Wolfgang, I went to Volksschulen on Lochnerstrasse and Berrenrather Strasse, from there I went to the Realschule on Euskirchener Strasse, and after a few years of that to the Aufbaugymnasium downtown, where I eventually did the Abitur and left the country as soon as I could manage. Your name rings a bell, I think, from the Realschule. Kann das sein? Klassenlehrer Hans Noirhomme, dem ich sehr viel zu verdanken habe, unter anderem den sanften Abschub aufs Aufbaugymnasium? If you like, you can reach me here or at chrislemoine [at] fastmail.com. Cheers und freundlichen Gruss aus dem Wilden Westen. — chris

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